An open world game,
set in a pocket sized metropolis.

Founded in November 2012, Ghent Theft Auto is a volunteer project that aims to bring Grand Theft Auto to Ghent, Belgium by making a total conversion of GTA:IV, also called a 'modification' or a 'mod'. The mod doesn't primarily revolve around adding specific gameplay, but rather on bringing existing gameplay to Ghent. The project is unique as far as is known. Not a lot of cities have been modeled and put inside a game engine, especially cities with populations of a mere 250,000 people.

Dream come true.

GhTA is a dream come true. Not only our dream, but yours too! We all know that vague feeling of recognition when we roam the American cities starring in the GTA franchise. Imagine that feeling when you walk the streets of Ghent. Everything you ever pulled off in Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and/or Liberty City will soon become a possibility in Ghent Theft Auto. It's your world, gameified.

More than violence.

Blowing up buildings, driving cars past their speed limit, carrying guns,... It isn't our (only) desire. We want to create a lifelike videogame rendition of Ghent. Not only will you be able to experience Ghent as it is today but also how it will be in the future! We're showing off the renewed Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station, the restored Nederschelde canal and the new city library 'De Krook', before they're even built.

For and by Ghent.

Working together with Ghent Theft Auto is easier than ever before. The best part: it's not even rocket science - to a certain degree! Even with very basic 3D modeling knowledge, you can help us create the buildings that will eventually occupy Ghent City. It's the only way you get to be 100% sure that your house will be present in Ghent Theft Auto. Click here to get started!

Basic.. but epic.

The difficulties and challenges which came along during the development of GhTA have been huge. The first months consisted of climbing an unbelievable steep learning curve. The main issue, however, is and will always be time. That's why Ghent Theft Auto won't look as good as current-gen games, but don't worry: the graphic quality of the mod can be guaranteed.

Free as a bird.

Ghent Theft Auto won't cost you a single penny.
You will however have to own/get your own original GTA:IV PC-version copy to play GhTA!

All in good time.

Ghent Theft Auto was founded in November 2012. That means we're almost hitting our first anniversary!

You know what to expect (: